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At Love's Heating & Air, Quality Does Not Cost - It Pays
A locally owned and operated HVAC contractor, Love's Heating & Air, Inc was formally established in 2002 - fully licensed and insured with a well-trained staff that has over 20 years experience in the industry. 

Serving an expansive area of counties within the state of Maryland, Love's offers a complete line of both residential and commercial HVAC products and services and specializes in alternative “green” energy solutions, including Geothermal, Solar Hot Water and Radiant Floor Heating Systems. 

Love's Heating & Air, Inc. services and installs most major brands of HVAC equipment and utilizes a broad spectrum of quality products and services to customize a plan and design a system that is exclusive to the needs of our customers.

  • Free estimates on system replacements and new construction projects

  • 24 hour emergency service 365 days a year

  • We pride ourselves on superior workmanship and competitive pricing

Everyone at Love's Heating & Air is committed to our customer’s complete satisfaction and stand by our company motto:
“Quality Does Not Cost – It Pays”
We strive hard to uphold our reputation as a leading HVAC, Geothermal, and Solar Hot Water Contractor and remain in the forefront of Alternative Energy Solutions and the movement to “Go Green.”

Fitzgerald Geothermal Savings Graph

We had our geothermal system installed by Love's Heating and Air and we have been extremely happy with the results. Attached is a graph (see above) of our annual total residential electrical consumption using a conventional (air exchange) heat pump compared to the ground source heat pump. We saved every month of the year with the greatest savings during the heating and cooling seasons. Also, we had a desuperheater installed at the same time so some of the savings is in hot water. We made no other changes in our home in terms of insulation or # or occupants. Over the course of the year with geothermal we used 67% of the kWh used the previous year and saved over $2K. I can't compare the severity of weather over the two years but obviously I'm a big believer in geothermal.

Jeff Fitzgerald                                                                                                             (click to read more geothermal endorsements)

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